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What's your best feature?

July 27, 2023

What is your best feature? I have always heard in style news that you want to accentuate your best feature and learn to conceal other less-flattering features. We agree & disagree! Flaunt what you love! If you love it, who cares what others think is flattering or not. Style is dependent on the individual. Some people like to conceal while others like to reveal and we do not see anything wrong with that. We are spilling the tea on how to make outfits work for you!

  1. Wear items that make you feel good. If you have to constantly tug and pull on your clothes, then the fit is just not quite right. You are also not comfortable in those clothes.

  2. If you can't handle the attention, focus on areas that don't solicit sex. Yes, we all know that sex sells, but we all are not ready for the type of attention that can bring. So, be careful when choose which area to draw attention to.

  3. Create your OWN trends! Yes, it may seem very popular to accentuate your derrièr, but if you do NOT have a Beyonce booty, you may be less inclined to accentuate that part of your body. Don't follow trends, they always fall off. Create your own unique style, it is always more flattering!

  4. Do NOT body shame yourself! We all have a tendency to do it, even if we do not mean to. However, making yourself feel bad for what you look like is not the fashion statement we are trying to make. We want you to focus on feeling good about yourself and your size does NOT determine your style! Stay beautiful and show off that amazing style.

  5. Add more color! Do not shy away from color, even if just for an accent piece in your wardrobe. Simple colors with a pop are one of our faves. If you choose to be in head to toe color, we are here for it & We love that too! Not everyone wants to be in full color for every outfit and that is ok. But always remember that color is your friend!

We hope these tips will help you in your next major wardrobe decision! Let us know what you'd like to chat about next.

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