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Get Styled | Fall Edition

October 26, 2023

I don't know where you all are from, but here in GA, this weather has been so disrespectful. There has been no warning for when this temperature is going to drop. It went from a beautiful 80 degrees to a smooth 45 degrees and no one was ready!!! With the temperature dropping it is time for some adjustments to the closet. What is your favorite season for fashion? I love fall because of all the accessories. So, today, let's learn how to style your summer/spring clothing for fall. Let us know your favorite tips for fall styling as well.

  1. Summer is my favorite season, possibly because my birthday is in the summer :) I love the bright and bold colors that come with summer. However, in the fall the tones tend to be not as vibrant. Who says you can't be bright and bold in fall? Who said it? Why not pair one of your favorite summer dresses with a chunky sweater for a whole new vibe?

  2. Layering is key!!! Adding a sleek turtleneck under a summer top is always a win! Staying warm never looked so good. And you are warm!! Double-win!

  3. Have you ever worn shorts in the fall? WHAT?? You are missing out. Pair them with your favorite tights and watch your style be elevated. It is such a simple addition and makes such an impact. You can get fleece-lined tights for extra warmth. Your legs will never feel the cold.

  4. Do you have knee boots or even booties? If not, I would suggest you head over to the stores now. If you do, then get them out and dust them off. It is time for them to shine! Do you have a high split skirt that you wouldn't dare to wear when it is nippy out? Not anymore, that skirt will make a grand entrance and with your favorite boots. Try it and let me know how it goes.

  5. Think warm when styling for fall. It is time to bring out the scarves, hats, blazers, gloves, tights, boots, etc. all the items to keep your cheeks warm. Any of these editions to your outfit will have you looking styling without sacrificing warmth.

We hope these tips helped you get fall ready! Let us know what you'd like to chat about next. Thank you for your support!

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