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Style at EVERY size!!

June 1, 2023

I am so glad the world is starting to include more shapes and sizes, but this is only the beginning. Women and men should be able to feel comfortable in clothes at whatever size. One thing I hate to see is ill-fitting clothes on anyone. If the clothing tugs or pulls on any part of the body it doesn't fit. I love how people embrace their individual style, but fit matters. And when we discuss we are talking about the slim girls too! A lot of people automatically assume we are referring to the BIG girls only. Being a slim girl most of my life, it was very hard to find my style. All the clothes were not made for me. When separates came out, I was in heaven. My top half did not match my bottom half! Anyone else have that problem?

Even now as an adult, I live for separates. It's better to go up a size and get something tailored to fit you then have something that doesn't fit quite right. Your style is what you make it, but why not make it something amazing? How would you describe your current style?

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