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Size Matters!!!

February 9, 2023

Hello Beautiful People!!! Keep it clean around here :) I know this can be discussed for a variety of different topics, but today we are discussing clothing. Clothing has come so far, but I do think we have a long way to go. We love to see the more inclusive brands that now showcase women & men of all walks of life & with all different body types, but there just a few. More high-end brands are still excluding other body types that are not slim. We love to focus on inclusion with each piece we create.

Have you ever encountered a time when you found a piece that so perfect for it not to fit your body the way you needed it to? I know I have and it is so unfair. It is time to be more inclusive!!! We are here for it. The size on your clothes does make you better or worse than anyone else, it is JUST a size. For a good designer, they know how to make anything look good on anybody. This means that the FIT is very important and no matter what the piece, it should always be flattering. This is what makes great designers and just so-so ones. A designer who isn't skilled enough to alter pieces to ensure the fit is flattering is really doing their clients a disservice. When you try on clothing, there should be no unnecessary bunching or the item does not fit. I know this can be hard to hear because you love that piece so much, but in order to look clean and polished, the item must have the right fit for YOUR body.

Tailoring is one way to ensure that the fit is going to flatter your amazing figure. Find a good tailor or seamstress is going to be key and this process can take time. It is like finding a new boo. You do not just go with the first person you meet! Or do you? I am not here to judge, but I do know that finding the right one will be worth the wait. I am speaking about a good tailor :) What is one of the issues you struggle most with when it comes to find good fitting clothing? Let's Chat.

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It is hard to find clothing that fits a tall not so slim body. Elena's clothing is made to fit every body type! You just have to come and see for yourself! These ladies are AMAZING!!!!


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