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How to ELEVATE your comfy clothes!!

August 3, 2023

I remember when I would get dressed for even the smallest occasion. Now, it can seem like such a stress to put more than sweats on. I love to be comfy and think most people do too. But there is a major difference between just plain frumpy & chic. Have you ever thought about dressing down in style? WHAT!!!??? I am here to tell you it is the best thing since sliced bread! Let's breakdown how to elevate your comfy style. Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Grab your favorite basics & let's get to work. Put on your favorite pair of leggings/jeggings, assuming they are a plain color, pair them with a simple loose fit tee (design or not, your choice). To add just the right amount of color pop throw on a fun & vibrant handbag or even a clutch.

  2. I love sweatpants!!! They are one of the easiest things to throw on and they are so comfortable. Yes, I wear sweats in the summer, but I do not go outside :) If you must leave the house, grab a plain tee and sneakers or shoes, then add a colorful headwrap to the mix. This works for a lazy hair day too (more tips on that another day).

  3. Try some bold, statement jewelry to complete any look, simple or not. This will take your look from basic to baddie in seconds, without even trying hard. Add some lip color or gloss for a finished look.

  4. Add a lightweight jacket or full length kimono to your outfit. We love this because you can literally just throw it on.

  5. Get Creative!! There are no rules to this style thing, it is whatever makes you happy. So do just that. And if someone does not like your style, still say thank you and just walk away. If it was their style, they would have done it first.

We hope these tips will help you in your next major wardrobe decision! Let us know what you'd like to chat about next.

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