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Does your SIZE define YOU??

August 10, 2023

Think about that question, "Does my size define me?" It is definitely a loaded question, but it is one that we all should really think about. As a dancer all of my life, I struggle with the ideal of what my body should look like. It is a never-ending cycle of making me feel bad about myself because I am not where others are or where I think I should be. However, my size does NOT reflect who I am. I may not have a so-called dancer's body anymore and maybe I am not the size I want to be, but I can still flaunt who I am and wear it with style. Let's break down what SIZE doesn't tell you:

  1. How beautiful you are. No scale can measure that. We are all made different and that is what makes us beautiful. Your smile lights up a room. Your presence is inviting and kind. Beauty is you. Do not let your size determine that for you, with your beautiful self!

  2. What you have been through in life. We have all struggled, dealt with some type of pain. You may even be going through it right now. However, you have and will get through it. With pain we learn how to cope and better manage life. It not easy, but we can definitely learn from it.

  3. Size does not define you. YOU define YOU! And it time you start believing that. Our weight will fluctuate in our lives and that is totally natural. The media has made size & disproportions such a thing. I wish we heard about more people like YOU who make a difference in others lives, that is such a beautiful thing.

  4. How big your heart is. Sharing your gifts to the world and overcoming adversities is what makes you the most beautiful. You caring for others & yourself makes you stunning. Stop looking at the outside as if it tells your whole story, it does not! Start believing you are more than a size.

We hope these tips will help you get beyond the size! Let us know what you'd like to chat about next.

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