We are so in love with our newest dresses.  Welcome our Signature Yvette dress!!  Styling with these dresses are so easy breezy.

The Yvette Dress | Pretty Blue

  • Hello Beautiful is all you are going to hear while wearing this dress.  These loose fit dresses can be worn with or without the handmade tie belt.  And the best part is this dress has pockets!!!  We love dresses with pockets.  This design will make you feel sexy with an air of youthfulness.  

    **Price includes (1) dress & (1) tie belt. **

    -100% handcrafted.                                                                                                   -  -Lightweight.                                                                                                                --Ideal for the perfect gift!                                                                                          -Pockets!!!!                                                                     

    Each item is hand cut & crafted so there may be small variations in size or look.

    Thank you for your purchase!  Enjoy your new dress!!

    Model height:  5'3"                                                                                          Model wearing size:  OS  (One size fits most)